Acoustic camera – Sound source location – Nor848A

Acoustic Camera Sound Source location 3 sizes 40 cm 100 cm and 160 cm

About Acoustic Camera – Sound Source Location

We are all trying to make the world a better place to live, reducing unwanted noise is one of the contributing factors.

To achieve this Norsonic has developed an acoustical camera to locate and visualize noise !

Some applications:

Research and Development

R&D on new or existing products, manufacturers try to make their products as quiet as possible. Many times (i.e. a car-engine) it is not so easy to know exactly where the noise is coming from. With the Norsonic Acoustic Camera we can locate a sound source withing a few minutes.

We just point the camera at the engine, look in the FFT (or 1/1 octave or 1/3 octave) screen and we can immediately find out which is the frequency with the highest contribution to the overall dB(A) level. We than zoom in to this frequency with the selection in the Acoustic Camera easy to use software and the live image of the camera will instantly show the location of the noisiest part of the engine. With the software we can zoom in even more until we find the exact spot (depending on the frequency this can be accurate up to a few millimeters !).

Environmental Noise

There are many situations where we don’t know exactly where the noise is coming from.

Imagine you have a nice house that is located 1 km from an industrial estate. You can hear the noise coming from the industrial estate but it’s impossible to say which factory is the noisiest.

Simply put the Acoustic Camera in front of your house, point it at the industrial estate and within a minute you will see the most contributing factory. When zooming in more you can find out which part of this particular factory is making the loudest noise, i.e. exhaust, open doors, forklifts etc.

Indeed, within a few minutes we can see the culprit and take action !

Norsonic Acoustic Camera info

The Norsonic Acoustic Camera (Nor848A) is build upon a totally new hardware concept. Instead of using a low number of pre-polarized microphones with preamplifier (lot’s of cables) we are using a carbon fiber disk with a choice of 128 – 384 MEMS microphones. The advantage of the high number of microphones is the high resolution, the low selfnoise and the high dynamic range.

The setup time for a traditional system can be up to 5 hours, the Norsonic system is ready to use within 5 minutes and very portable !

The Norsonic Acoustic Camera is designed in such a way that what you see is what you get. The combination of smart hardware and software design are made to deliver only images that are showing the real situation. With older traditional systems, ghost images can occur. If you’re not a beam-forming specialist it s very hard to determine which images are real and which ones are not.

Here below is one example to show you the ease of use:

Please contact us for more applications or a demo at your site.