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Action Planning

Dynamic Tiling System

to easily manage data entry and calculation of huge projects

Intelligent hotspot calculation

shows the number of people annoyed or over threshold levels

Built-in statistics of the annoyed people

and exposures in hospitals, schools and kindergartens

Clear management of different scenarios

to find the best measures without having redundant data

Display of difference and conflict maps

with user defined formulas to show different aspects


action planning soundplan

action planning SoundPLAN

After completing the noise mapping phase, action plans must be made for the communities affected by environmental noise. SoundPLAN provides all the tools you need for meaningful action plans at an affordable price: We offer useful and flexible import interfaces for example for adding additional properties to existing imported objects, excellent data handling with clearly structured scenario organization and a dynamic tiling system for big projects, intelligent algorithms to filter dense elevation data while maintaining the needed accuracy, fast and accurate calculations, tools to derive noise control measures according to the aspects cost/benefit analyses for residents, tables and statistics to compare the efficiency of different measures and expressive maps to easily show the administrations and the public the effect of the proposed noise control measures.


  1. Finding conflict zones

The hotspot calculation is based on the dose response relationship and the sleep disturbance according to the formulas in the position papers 2002/2003. Buildings with highly annoyed people can be highlighted separately.

  1. Developing measures

Our module Wall Design dimensions noise protection walls and berms according to cost vs. Benefit. BA Outside optimizes the component properties of facades, windows and fans (fense) in order to reach acceptable indoor levels.

  1. Validating measures

The economic follow-up costs of noise in the environment can be calculated based on a model of the willingness to pay, so each noise protection measure can be checked according to its potential to reduce the costs of noise.