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Aircraft noise

Innovative first commercial noise mapping software worldwide combining all different noise sources with aircraft noise calculated according to ECAC Doc. 29, 3rd edition

Interfaces direct import and export of airport data using the QSI interface according to VDI, import of the aircraft database of the American Integrated Noise Model (INM), direct import of radar tracks

Radar tracks direct calculation on the basis of radar tracks. No need any more to invest any time in the definition of backbones

Documentation outstanding map presentations, defined in an easy and intuitive manner and reusable as template for your next project.


aircraft niose SoundPLAN

aircraft niose SoundPLAN

With SoundPLAN® 7.2 we offer a full integration of the European guideline for the calculation of aircraft noise ECAC Doc. 29, but not only the 2nd edition (which is used as European interim method for noise mapping). SoundPLAN® is the first commercial noise mapping software combining the 3rd edition of ECAC Doc. 29 with any other environmental noise source. This avoids friction loss between different software products if you are interested in a full scale noise evaluation. With the possibility to import the public aircraft library from EUROCONTROL or the library from the American Integrated Noise Model (INM) and using the same algorithms it becomes easy to calculate comparable results. The aircraft noise prediction module is fully integrated in the software package of SoundPLAN®. All the existing tools such as various import and export possibilities, uncountable GIS-functions to manipulate your data and an advanced documentation make your work easy and efficient. There is no need to work with cryptic online commands to manipulate your data, all tools are embedded in our well-structured user interface. SoundPLAN® offers not only the typical approach for noise predictions based on the backbones of idealized flight tracks, which is ideal for future situations. SoundPLAN® offers furthermore as only software the possibility to calculate the noise on the basis of imported radar tracks, which is the most efficient and precise procedure for the analysis of past situations. Making it possible to show directly the noise maps for any single flight, or any user definable time frame. With the implemented calculation algorithms SoundPLAN makes it possible to calculate not only the air borne noise, but also taxiing, or hovering and auxiliary power units in one go. In addition the prediction of helicopter noise, including backwards takeoff procedures and military aircrafts is easily possible. The summation of all this varicose features makes SoundPLAN the most powerful and complete software package in the field of aircraft noise calculation.