Building Acoustics – Outside SoundPLAN



SoundPLAN Building Acoustics – Outside

Facade optimization infinite number of elements

Optimized for large areas ideal for noise remediation

Clearly structured user definable for each building

Huge transmission loss library free and regularly updated

Full documentation (including cost calculation) ready for your report – no post-editing necessary

Building Acoustics – Outside can be used to proof the acoustic properties (the transmission loss) of a room envelope against outdoor noise. The module can be used independently from the rest of SoundPLAN. In this case, the user enters the relevant outdoor levels manually. It is, however, more convenient to use previously calculated single point receivers or facade noise maps as the basis.

This tool can be used for a single building, but includes all the infrastructure needed to simultaneously investigate hundreds of potential buildings while keeping track of all necessary information. For each building, the user can assign pictures to visualize the object, and assign owners and tenants from a database so all needed information is readily available to make appointments and to address letters.

The interior structure of a building is completely flexible. Available objects are floors, apartments (flats) and rooms. The layout of the facade is assigned for each room. The building envelope can consist of an infinite number of elements and outdoor levels. The setup of an element can be a combination of a wall and embedded objects like windows and doors.

The user can enter the transmission loss as single, octave or 3rd octave values, or the data can be loaded from large database. For single panel walls, the transmission loss can even be calculated with an integrated calculator. The project output is flexible, ranging from the total documentation of the whole project with all objects and elements, or just a list of needed actions and associated costs, making Building Acoustics Outside a very useful noise remediation tool.