Indoor Factory Noise module SoundPLAN

Indoor Factory Noise Module, SoundPLAN

SoundPLAN indoor factory noise

SoundPLAN indoor factory noise

Advanced calculation of interior levels in working places considering any room type and installation

Efficient definition easy to use interface

Improved techniques based on the VDI 3760 plus consideration of local screening effects and absorptions

Measures optimization of abatement measures to improve the sound quality


The calculation of interior noise levels in working rooms is in SoundPLAN based on the VDI 3760.

With the unique extensions implemented in SoundPLAN the restrictions of this guideline are overcome. Now, it is possible to take into account any room shape, local screening effects and local absorption areas. This gives you the ability to optimize sensible noise reduction measures like absorbers and screens in rooms with work places. The complete integration of this module in the SoundPLAN program package takes advantage of the existing and easy to use input and output capabilities. This gives you the possibility to create and compare different variants in the most convenient way.

The acoustical input data (emission and absorption) can be organized in the well-structured libraries containing already hundreds of elements in octave or even in third octave bands. The computed results can be single values at working places, sound decay curves (SAK), reverberation time, and horizontal and vertical noise maps. All calculations are carried out with the fast and most advanced SoundPLAN calculation core using the full power of your computer with the multi-threading technique.

The integrated concept of the interior noise calculations and the superb definition of the surrounding building facades gives you the ability to use the calculated indoor levels directly for your environmental noise assessment study in the surrounding of your industrial site. There is no other software offering this complete linkage and ease of use – saving your time and money.