Industry Noise module – SoundPLAN

Industry Noise

Integrated calculation of interior levels in the working places, the transmission loss of the facade and the noise load in the surrounding areas

Efficient definition of embedded and nested sources at building surfaces

Expert System to find the most cost effective noise control concept

More details libraries, calculation, documentation and noise maps in 1/3 octaves

Sophisticated documentation of results leaves nothing to be desired

Industry noise has many well defined areas in SoundPLAN. The Geo-Database describes the sources geometry (shape and location) and other descriptive attributes. The Library hosts most of the acoustically relevant data about sources and materials. The Calculation Core calculates the noise levels and delivers the feed data for the Documentation, the Expert System for Industry Noise and for various Graphics modules. The source description for industrial noise is always the sound power over frequency. Additions can be defined for non-spherical spreading, directivity, tonality and impulse type noise. If the source is not constant over the time period, a time histogram provides needed adjustments. The integrated concept of interior noise calculations, the superb definition of the surrounding building facades and the fast outdoor calculation makes SoundPLAN a unique tool for efficient, accurate and impressive work.



VDI 2714/2720 (Germany) · WDI-Gaussbeam (USA) · CONCAWE (International standard for the oil industry) · General Prediction Method for Industrial Plants (Scandinavia) · OeAL 28 (Austria) · DIN 18005 (Germany) · ISO 9613 parts 1 and 2 (International) · Construction Noise (Hong Kong) · TA-Laerm (simplified method) (Germany) · Nord 2000 (Scandinavia) · Japan Industry Model based on ASJ (Japan) · BS 5228 (UK) · TNM Industry (USA) · VDI 3760 (Germany) OE NORM ISO 9613-2 (AUSTRIA) · HJ 2.4 – 2009 (CHINA) · ASJ CN-Model 2007 (Japan)




soundplan Industry module

soundplan Industry module