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Misheng Group Limited

We are the exclusive distributor for several brands in the Greater China region (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau).


Innovative Noise Instrumentation, Sound Analyzers, Acoustic Camera, FFT, Building, Acoustics, multichannel analyzer, reference sound source, Sound Intensity, 2-channel analyzer, noise monitoring etc.


The Most Powerful Noise Mapping and Noise Prediction Software for industrial noise, roadnoise, rail noise, aircraft noise, SoundPLAN 8.0 with unique Sound Particle Diffraction method (SPD)


Extensive Long Time Remote Vibration Monitoring, Pile Integrity Testing, Liquid Level System


ISO12354 Calculations, Building Optimization, flanking noise calculations


Topsonic, Aircraft Noise, and Track Monitoring Systems

Sonitus system

Noise monitoring systems for environmental noise, industrial noise, entertainment noise, construction noise.

To serve our customers as good as we can, we have multiple regional distributors in the various regions. Please contact us for your partner in your neighborhood.

Misheng Group Limited

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