Wall-Design module – SoundPLAN


Wall-Design optimizing walls and berms

For single point receivers or facade noise maps

considers fixed target values, target values which depend on area usage or desired level reductions


Different builtup strategies

reduction of levels, minimization of wall costs, minimization of affected people or facade length above target values


Recording of the reduction per each element for

subsequent analysis of intermediate steps find the best solution on base of diagrams!



A study starts with a pre-calculation e.g. single point calculation or façade noise map. The input data contain the geometry of the wall or berm without the height. The wall has to be divided in several segments (there is an automatic tool in the Geo-Database for creating equal segment lengths). During the calculation a database will be established which contains the reduction of each wall element for each receiver point. The height of the wall will be incrementally raised by up to a user defined number of elements. Wall-Design uses this database and builds the wall with the elements in order of their efficiency (which depends on the selected strategy). Following the Wall Design Calculation all results of all intermediate steps are shown in diagrams. Each intermediate step can be revoked later.



In 2006 the Swiss Federal Bureau for Environment BAFU documented a well-practiced method to create a diagram in order to show the effectiveness and efficiency of a measure. The efficiency means a good relationship between benefit and cost. A good effectiveness is given, when the goals such as fulfilling target values are reached. Both properties generate the WTI and are necessary for a successfully designed wall!

wall design soundplan

wall design soundplan